How Much is That Dog in the Window?

Red chihuahua dog near window.

Pricing is as much psychological as it is economic. We are definitely not in the era where the low price leader wins the day. This was proven yet again by the research team at Marketing Experiments. They presented their work on optimal pricing in a webinar on December 10, 2014. Although their work was primarily […]

Become a Conjoint Pro

hands chefs, pizza and ingredients on wooden background texture

In today’s competitive restaurant industry, good reviews can often mean the difference between a packed house and empty seats with unfilled plates. Word of mouth advertising, recommendations from friends, family and colleagues are quickly being followed up with online mobile searching for locations and reviews. Today’s net savvy users expect to see a full menu […]

Aligning Your Marketing with Customer Desire

Hands with gloves on spirit level outdoor construction

The team at Marketing Experiments took on the concept of conversion in this month’s webinar. Their goal for the webinar was to present empirical evidence of the positive benefit derived from aligning our marketing message, and the display for that messaging, with the consumer’s wants and underlying motivations. Four questions were posed that when answered […]

Bring Me Quality Prospects Not Just More Prospects

Time's Square - New Year's Eve

On April 7, 2015, the American Marketing Association took a shot at data-driven marketing. We all know the era in which live (big data anyone?), but are not always sure of the best path toward marketing Nirvana. The AMA turned the mike over to Robert Mattson and Svetla Yankova both from Telerik. The underlying theme […]

Moderating Online Focus Groups for Stress-Free Market Research

social media influence: people around a table

In the world of market research, it can become overwhelming to know which survey software allows you the best methodologies to establishing and building an online community. A commonly used approach to building a community has been organizing in-person focus groups. However, conducting these types of surveys to collect and analyze feedback has proven to […]

Buzzword Alert: What the Heck is SoLoMo?


There’s a new buzzword blazing into town, and it seems to be causing some divisive feelings.  The term is “SoLoMo,” which is a combination of the words “social,” “local” and “mobile.” SoLoMo represents a concept which is a tidal wave in our evolving society:  the convergence of social, local and mobile technology.  Our lives are […]

SoLoMo: How Social Media, Localization, & Mobile are Redefining Marketing Insights


I’m pleased to announce the second in a series of webinars sponsored by Research Access in conjunction with GreenBook. Our first joint webinar with Greenbook was on the subject of Big Data. This webinar, entitled “SoLoMo: How Social Media, Localization & Mobile are Redefining Marketing Insights,” will be on Thursday, March 29th, at 1pm Eastern […]

Start Learning to Become a Data Scientist

Data Scientist

With the advent of the web and increased business process automation, companies are increasingly finding themselves inundated with vast troves of data.  Making sense of and extracting insights from this data is a job that requires a wide range of skills – from the technical to the inferential – which are seldom found together in […]

“Big Data” – Peril or Opportunity?

Peril Opportunity

On February 21st I moderated the inaugural webinar in a series of sessions about big ideas in market research.  The series is being co-produced and sponsored by Research Access and GreenBook.  The first webinar was on the topic of “Big Data.” We assembled an expert panel for this event, including: Steve Cohen of In4mation Insights Romi Mahajan of Metavana Lenny Murphy […]

“Big Data” Defined


On February 21st I moderated the inaugural webinar in a series of sessions about big ideas in market research.  The series is being co-produced and sponsored by Research Access and GreenBook (look for announcement of upcoming installments in the series on Research Access and GreenBook Blog soon).  The first webinar was on the topic of “Big […]