The Growth Imperative


One of the first things someone told me about business was that you have to run to stand still. Then the stock markets taught me that anything other than solid growth would be punished severely by the market in terms of valuation of a company. Then during my tenure at several blue chips and other […]

Check your Microsoft Hohm energy efficiency score

Microsoft has released its new Hohm Scores service, which is a database cataloging the energy efficiency of 60 million homes in the United States. You can plug in your home address and easily check your energy consumption and compare it to others around the nation.

The not-so-smart grid

What exactly are the standards for the next-generation utility gird? In many cases, nobody knows. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 doled out $4.3 billion for the smart grid with public-private matching funds bringing the total funding to $8.6 billion. Squabbling between the agencies responsible for setting the standards, and the industries […]