Hey there…have you heard of me?

In consumer and B2B market research circles we are often asked to assess market awareness and/or familiarity with brands, products and spokespeople or causes. These two related, but separate constructs, represent the first steps on the pathway from prospect to customer. Awareness should be measured in two ways – unaided and aided. Unaided awareness is […]

Three keys for designing effective mobile surveys

mobile surveys

At the recent MRA Corporate Researchers Conference the training organization Research Rockstar presented a course on designing device agnostic surveys. The trend is clear that more and more surveys are being taken on smartphones and tablets. Desktop computers still account for the majority of responses, but for any given project market researchers can now expect […]

Finding the right balance

Likert scales and other questions designed to measure attitudes, such as satisfaction, are ubiquitous in marketing research. They have their uses that is for sure, but there are a few caveats one should be aware of. In this post we will start this review by looking at number of scale points. As researchers we have […]

Fundamentally Speaking: Back To The Basics in Marketing Research

ABC Blocks

In marketing research, we are frequently faced with getting answers faster and for less investment. In the current business climate, we have become all too familiar with the term“doing more with less.” During a recent NY / Philadelphia MRA conference, we heard repeatedly that it is not only the marketing research supplier facing these issues but also client […]

QR Codes Still Kicking

A few months ago, we talked about how QR codes were poised to change the market research industry. Or perhaps, how the time for QR codes had already come and gone. Well, whether they’re the revolutionary technology that so many have claimed them to be or not, they’re definitely still alive and kicking! A new […]

Why Size Counts (And Why Shorter is Better)

Big vs Small

Jeffrey Henning (of the renowned Voice of Vovici blog) brought two links to my attention this morning via Twitter, and I wanted to be sure you all caught them as well. The topic of both pieces was size – specifically, why the size (or length, if you rather) of surveys really matters, and equally importantly, […]

Poor question design means questionable results: A tale of a confusing scale

I saw the oddest question in a survey the other day. The question itself wasn’t that odd, but the options for responses were very strange to me. * 1 – Not at all Satisfied * 2 – Not at all Satisfied * 3 – Not at all Satisfied * 4 – Not at all Satisfied […]