You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Marketing Boat!


Most companies are perennially searching for new leads and lament both the dearth and the low quality of the ones they get.  Yet every now and then, there’s a company that has too many leads and struggles with keeping up with the flow of demand.  Clearly, the right place is somewhere in between, with a […]

Marketing Strategy Success Comes from Knowing Your Customers

Marketing Strategy

I just read a study from Fournaise Marketing Group, a London consultancy, about the challenges we marketers have gaining credibility for our initiatives with C-Level management. Three issues particularly interested me: We talk too much about brand, not enough about revenue. 77% of CEOs say marketers talk about brand, brand values and brand equity but […]

Big Data Accuracy Before Insights

Dora the Explorer

A friend’s recent Facebook post really resonated with me. “Why does United Airlines bother sending me emails telling me I can go this weekend to Moline, IL for a mere $271? or to Saskatoon for $351? Really? Does that sound like a good deal to them? Have I ever shown the least bit of interest […]

Ethical Marketing

To Thine Own Self - Honesty in Marketing

It’s hard to imagine a truly conscientious marketer who won’t be delighted and energized by the ideas in Romi Mahajan’s newest book, To Thine Own Self: Honesty In Marketing. Romi comes out slugging like George Foreman. He ruthlessly questions the marketing status quo: Should Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the only US holiday that celebrates […]

Look in the Mirror but Not at Your Reflection

Broken Mirror

I have been to many of the traditional market research conferences over the years. I’m talking about the events put on by IIR, MRA, CASRO and the like. As anyone who has attended more than a few of this group of conferences knows, there is a cast of “usual suspects” that seems to be at […]

An Interview with Shannon Ryan, General Manager, Online Marketing Summit


Next week I’ll be covering the Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara for Research Access. Here is an interview I conducted with Shannon Ryan, General Manager of the OMS. Shannon has had an impressive career in marketing prior to leading OMS. She has held senior leadership roles in marketing on both the agency and brand side, […]

Political Marketing in 2012

Obama and Romney 150

Editor’s Note: I am very pleased to introduce a new contributor to Research Access – Matt Simon. Matt will be writing regularly for Research Access about political marketing and research topics. He worked in Washington, DC, for 23 years as a political writer, magazine editor, and producer, including eight years as producer of “Face-Off,” a […]

Cool is for Fools: New Book by Romi Mahajan

Cool is for Fools book cover

We have exciting news! Romi Mahajan’s new book, Cool is for Fools, has been released! In this episode of RomiCast, Dana Stanley interviews Romi about the book and the lessons it holds for marketers and market researchers. Here is an Amazon link for Cool Is For Fools: The Poetry of Marketing, by Romi Mahajan Click […]

Kony 2012: Respect the Power of the Crowd


If you’ve been paying attention over the past few days, I’ll bet you’ve heard about the YouTube video “Kony 2012.”  If you have a teenager, I’d say the odds are 99% or higher that you know about it. The video, which has gone viral in a big way this week, is on one level a […]

The Super Bowl of Research


The Super Bowl is huge in every way, even when it comes to market research. It is by far the biggest sporting event in the U.S.  Perhaps more significantly, it is annually the highest rated television program. The contest is preceded by two weeks of sheer, unadulterated hype.  It’s not just the sports networks and […]