Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: Creating Meaning by Acting in the Moment

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In so many scenarios both personal and professional, the ability to make a difference, to both act and react in a meaningful way, is a time-stamped activity with “decay” starting at the close of the incident to which one is reacting or the opportunity on which one wants to act. The ability to act in […]

Looking Ahead: What’s Out

Way back when (all the way back to about two months ago), we did a series of posts looking back at the past year in market research, and more importantly, looking ahead to what’s likely to change. Our favorite post among the series highlighted a project by Kathryn Korostoff of Research Rockstar, wherein she applied one […]

Looking Ahead: Odds and Ends

I want to draw your attention to a recent post over at the GreenBook Blog, which has a great round-up of all of the market research industry predictions for 2011 that are floating around (ours among them, which is quite an honor for us!) Also among them is a post by Tom Ewing of Kantar Operations […]

Looking Ahead: Market Research as Social Conscience?

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Among the many individuals and organizations making industry predictions for 2011, the opinion of analyst firms – for better or worse – are among the most sought after. We can debate the quality, benefit, and value of their predictions all day long, but I think we can concede that, whether you agree with their conclusions […]

Looking Ahead: Behavioral Science in 2011


As we continue our look ahead to 2011, surveying predictions for the market research industry, we come upon a recurring topic: the role of behavioral science as a supplement to – or even replacement for – market research. The key to behavioral science in a market research role is actually rather simple: a great deal […]

Looking Ahead: Insourcing Market Research in 2011


Yesterday, we posted about market research predictions for 2011, and how Research Rockstar is collecting predictions via an IdeaScale crowdsourcing instance. There are now 33 active ideas on the site, spanning the market research industry with varying levels of focus, and even controversy. Probably one of the less controversial predictions – but one that is […]

Looking Ahead: Crowdsourcing Predictions in Market Research for 2011

It’s that time of year again – when we look back on the biggest events of the past year, and ahead, with thoughts and predictions of what’s to come. It’s often an interesting discussion, but it can get a little tired. And how do you compare predictions? Which are based on expert knowledge and experience, […]