5 Things to Think About When It Comes To Innovation Incentives

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There is much discussion about community engagement when it comes to the business of innovation and idea management. But one of the things that it seems like there is not enough discussion of is the incentivization of the innovation process. There are numerous ways to reward participants when it comes to making improvements to businesses, […]

In Praise of Progressive Government Policy

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Gentle reader on the right (or left) – please don’t get turned off by the title of this post. This is not meant to be a discussion on the value of liberal or conservative government policies at large. I refer instead to the forward thinking work that some local government bodies are doing in adopting […]

Rethinking Market Research Incentives


Participation is the underpinning of market research. If not for respondents agreeing to respond, our jobs as market researchers would be pretty boring indeed. As a result, much of our time is focused on what it takes to instigate participation. What incentives do we, as those asking for someone’s time and information, need to provide? […]