How secure is your customer base

With all the talk of data security as of late, it is important that we address another aspect of security – namely customer security. Loyalty is a concept marketers have spent considerable time and resources attempting to understand and master. This has been going on for as long as there has been competition. As a […]

Become a Conjoint Pro

hands chefs, pizza and ingredients on wooden background texture

In today’s competitive restaurant industry, good reviews can often mean the difference between a packed house and empty seats with unfilled plates. Word of mouth advertising, recommendations from friends, family and colleagues are quickly being followed up with online mobile searching for locations and reviews. Today’s net savvy users expect to see a full menu […]

Who Needs to Do Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

There are virtually unlimited possibilities for conducting – and taking – customer satisfaction surveys, now that surveys and mobile, hence completely untethered. I thoroughly enjoyed Antoine Déroche’s post on about customer satisfaction surveys in Singapore. He shared an example of a well-placed survey – above the toilets in Singapore’s Changi airport, with the simple admonition: […]

Satisfied Customers are Like Runaway Brides

Runaway Bride

In the movie Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts plays a spirited and attractive young woman who’s afraid of being married. She’s left a trail of boyfriends whom she says she loves. Indeed, she’s left three men waiting for her in church on their wedding day (all of which are caught on tape), receiving tabloid fame and […]

What Net Promoter Taught Me About Our Company


In my previous post, I discussed the principles behind Fred Reichheld’s Net Promoter Score, a system of measuring client loyalty by asking a customer, on a scale of 0-10, how likely they’d be to recommend your company to a friend or colleague, and what the main reason is for their answer. My company, Ascentium, began […]

Seeking the “Why?” of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

If you want to stay in business, you have to turn your customers into fans. A good product, hard work, and earnest customer service all make for a good start, but it’s just a start. To build customer loyalty, you must be able to accurately measure each customer’s experience, then build on what you’ve done […]

Satmetrix Reveals Social Net Promoter Score


The big news from the opening day of the Net Promoter Conference yesterday was Satmetrix‘ partnership with Metavana to offer a new “social” Net Promoter Score called the SparkScore. Net Promoter is an approach to customer satisfaction measurement.  The new SparkScore is Satmetrix’ approach to the growing field of text analytics and sentiment analysis. The […]

The ABCs of CSAT


Later this week I’ll be attending the Net Promoter Conference in San Francisco.  I’m really looking covering this event for Research Access. Customer satisfaction (or CSAT) measurement is a highly specialized, but vitally important, part of the research world.   Yet I think there are many researchers and marketers who aren’t terribly familiar with the ins and outs […]

Short and Very Dry, Please


I like my coffee every day and prefer cappuccinos that are short and dry. Now, for the uninitiated, let me explain. That means a cappuccino with less milk and proportionally more foam. There is no exact measure for what the proportion should be and that is where the skills of a good barista come into […]

How to Control Your Customer Satisfaction Scores


We tend to measure customer satisfaction after the customer experience has already happened.  But that isn’t when the opinion about the experience is really created. Customer experiences are actually created long before your customer ever reaches your doorstep.  They often start with impressions and perceptions created when your potential customer interacts with friends and colleagues […]