Rethinking Market Research Incentives


Participation is the underpinning of market research. If not for respondents agreeing to respond, our jobs as market researchers would be pretty boring indeed. As a result, much of our time is focused on what it takes to instigate participation. What incentives do we, as those asking for someone’s time and information, need to provide? […]

Budgeting for Social Media

Budgets for Social Media

The good folks over at the QuestionPro Blog have a great post this week that gets us thinking about the impact (both in terms of spending and savings) that social media can have on our marketing budgets. Implementing social media solutions certainly has costs, especially in terms of time and people resources. As the QuestionPro folks […]

Good News for Marketing Budgets…?


Forbes Insights released the results from a study that surveyed marketing executives on their spending habits and their expectations for the coming year. A significant portion of the executives surveyed reported that they expect budget increases in the coming year. But the part of their organizations in which they expect to see the most growth […]