10 Books for Market Researchers

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Editor’s Note: As summer winds down, Research Access will be getting you ready to go “back to school” with two weeks of posts on the topic of education. Between August 20 and 31 we will be doing a series of posts that will have you ready to put on those new clothes, pack your lunch box […]

The Honest Truth About Respondent Dishonesty

The Honest Truth about Dishonesty

Anyone involved in survey research today should keep abreast of the lessons of behavioral economics. However, it can be challenging at best to keep up on the latest academic research. Luckily for us, Dan Ariely, one of the luminaries of behavioral economics, has written several books that are accessible and highly entertaining guides to the […]

Cool is for Fools: New Book by Romi Mahajan

Cool is for Fools book cover

We have exciting news! Romi Mahajan’s new book, Cool is for Fools, has been released! In this episode of RomiCast, Dana Stanley interviews Romi about the book and the lessons it holds for marketers and market researchers. Here is an Amazon link for Cool Is For Fools: The Poetry of Marketing, by Romi Mahajan Click […]

The Information Diet: RomiCast Episode 2


In this second episode of the RomiCast series of audio conversations, Romi Mahajan reviews The Information Diet by Clay Johnson, published by O’Reilly Media. The Information Diet is an interesting book that draws an analogy between the information we consume in contemporary society and the food we consume.  Romi gave the book a positive review […]