Incorporating Video into Your Mobile Strategy

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On March 19, 2015, the researchers from Marketing Experiments shared cutting-edge insight on the use of video as a means of increasing mobile conversion. Mobile is increasing in importance in the media mix: without proper insight, it runs a high risk of being an expensive proposition without direction. According to data from the Pew Research […]

4 Ways To Use On-Demand Qualitative Research

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As a marketing executive or brand manager you’re faced with decisions all day long that might affect the short- or long-term survival of your product or brand. Wouldn’t it be great to have on-demand qualitative research at your fingertips to help make those decisions? Here’s 4 ways you might use on-demand qualitative research to improve […]

Is That Rating Scale Just Cute Or Actually Effective?

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As the Marketing Manager for an online survey software company, I see a lot of surveys: our own research projects, competitor surveys, our customers’ surveys, surveys from businesses I buy from, and more. In fact, when it comes to online research my ‘reticular activator’ is in overdrive and I can’t help but notice myriad opportunities […]

[VIDEO] Kiss Your Comment Cards Goodbye

Kiss Your Comment Cards Goodbye

Have you ever been at a restaurant or hotel and received a comment card? If you’re like most researchers and data-oriented marketers, you probably didn’t just blindly fill it out. You probably looked at it through the eyes of a professional. We tend to be hard on our own, and rightly so. When I get […]

[VIDEO] Interview with Scott Vaughan, CMO, UBM Tech

Scott Vaughan

This interview was conducted at the 2012 Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara, California on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. I spoke with Scott Vaughan, CMO of UBM Tech. Scott gave some interesting insights on what it’s like to run marketing for a large technology publishing and services company. Enjoy!

[VIDEO] Taming Big Data with Adobe

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This video was taken today at the 2012 Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara, California. My guest was Chris Wareham, who heads product management for Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, the heir to Omniture. I caught up with Chris just after his talk at the conference, which was entitled “How Marketing-Focused Technology Can Tame Big Data.”

[VIDEO] Tap the Power of Social Advocates

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This video was taken this morning at a panel at the 2012 Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara, California. The session is called “Tap the Power of Social Advocates.” It’s hosted by moderator Scott Vaughan, CMO of UBM TechWeb, and the panelists include Nick Einstein of Extole, Tonia Ries of Modern Media, and someone quite […]

10 Minute Tutorial on iPad and Tablet Data Visualization


If surveys are going mobile, why shouldn’t data visualization? Last week Vivek Bhaskaran, founder of Survey Analytics, QuestionPro and IdeaScale officially launched his latest creation, SecondPrism. SecondPrism is an app for visualizing data on tablets (and smartphones) a way that takes advantage of the strengths of the tablet format – it allows you to tap, […]

U.S. Census Director Robert Groves: Exclusive Research Access Interview

Dr. Robert Groves

I am very pleased and proud to present the Research Access interview of Dr. Robert Groves, Director of the U.S. Census. I conducted the interview on-site at the Census Bureau headquarters on May 23rd. I would like to thank Dr. Groves as well as staff members at the Bureau who made this interview possible.  Here’s […]

Kony 2012: Respect the Power of the Crowd


If you’ve been paying attention over the past few days, I’ll bet you’ve heard about the YouTube video “Kony 2012.”  If you have a teenager, I’d say the odds are 99% or higher that you know about it. The video, which has gone viral in a big way this week, is on one level a […]