Three keys for designing effective mobile surveys

mobile surveys

At the recent MRA Corporate Researchers Conference the training organization Research Rockstar presented a course on designing device agnostic surveys. The trend is clear that more and more surveys are being taken on smartphones and tablets. Desktop computers still account for the majority of responses, but for any given project market researchers can now expect […]

Minimizing B2B Buyer Fears

Caveat emptor

We’ve been busy looking at the hot topics in marketing to see where new marketing approaches can have the greatest impact. The answer: Minimizing B2B buyer fears. There’s been a lot of talk about the similarities between B2B and B2C buyers –especially since we’re all B2C buyers outside work. Even though it would certainly make […]

How Language Proficiency Can Impact Survey Response

Just when it started to feel as if it was going to be a boring summer, Annie Pettit of Peanut Labs stepped up to the microphone at this year’s MRA Insights and Strategy Conference and stole the show. Okay, so it might not have been that dramatic, but Dr. Pettit did share some fascinating insights […]

Dispatches from E3 – The GAEMS Effect


The last two weeks hanging out with the GAEMS team has been amazing.  First of all, kudos to them and their partners Moses and Advaiya for launching an amazing website.  And that too just in time for E3, where I was earlier today.  Though I’ve admired GAEMS for a long time, this is the first […]

ScrumTotal: An App with a Purpose

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Despite the proliferation of collaboration and “productivity” technologies and methodologies, the perfect easy-to-implement app for small, goal-oriented teams is still elusive.  That’s why I’m so excited about agile-expert Ashok Singh’s new company ScrumTotal. Singh is a true believer and that comes out strongly when he discusses the new firm and the recently approved app.    “With […]

GAEMS, E3, and the Future of Design Thinking

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I’ve written about GAEMS in the pages of Research Access just recently and was very happy to get some excited feedback from people who know the company.  The feedback consisted largely around how the founders of the company, Dean Mercier and John Smith, imagine their company and the space they play in. Prima facie, the […]