New Ways of Looking at Loyalty and Advocacy


Traditionally, likelihood to use again (i.e., loyalty) and likelihood to recommend to others (i.e., advocacy) have been measured using a simple 5- or 10-point rating scale. But do these metrics provide useful information beyond how a hospital scored? That is, do they provide any insight into why the hospital received the score it did and […]

General Mills Market Research Goes Mobile and Beyond

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Each day we’re counting down our Top 12 blog posts of 2014. Coming in at #11 is this presentation recap originally published September 19. Are you still staring at 10 people behind some glass in a focus group facility, or asking people in a traditional online survey to recall the products they considered, their behavioral […]

Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2015

marketing trends for 2015

For the past 30 years, Brand Keys, a brand loyalty and customer engagement research consultancy, has conducted a year-end examination of our validated loyalty and engagement metrics, collected from over 100,000 consumers who participated in one of the predictive surveys we conduct each year. This retrospective – subsuming more than 150 B2B and B2C categories […]

Forget the Seat at the Table and Come off the Bench

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As I get ready to attend the Corporate Researchers Conference next week, I’m bracing myself for the inevitable lament from researchers that they don’t have “a seat at the table”—a place of influence with senior executives. They feel they aren’t getting the respect they deserve. It’s something I’ve been hearing for much of my 25+ […]

Panel Management Software Requirements

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As your organization conducts more and more online surveys, eventually it runs into issues coordinating survey requests across the range of potential respondents. One solution is panel management software, to centrally manage your respondents and those who have access to them via surveys. But before you can begin to evaluate the dozens of great suppliers […]

Racing the Snail: Adopting New Research Methodologies Cautiously, But Not Too Cautiously

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Merrill Dubrow, CEO of M/A/R/C Research, presented the keynote at “Spring Into Action”, the New England Marketing Research Association’s conference last week in Waltham, Massachusetts. “We have a big opportunity in the research industry. Yet everyone is challenging what we do, how we do it, and the timeframe we do it in.” Research firms need […]

Market Research Needs To Reboot

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The Game Has Changed In the last 10 years, the US and other countries have seen a number of technological shifts with respect to access to information, analytical software capabilities, and the sheer amount of data available to the business world. Most notably, widespread broadband adoption, the ability to search the Internet for information, and […]

How to Do Proper Strategic Planning With Market Research

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Are you looking to improve your business runs on a day-to-day basis? Then it may be time for you to focus on strategic planning with market research. Identifying how and by whom strategic decisions are made, what information is used to inform those decisions, and how to better use the data you have on your […]

Fast Fashion or Futurists? The Diverging Roles of Market Research

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We’re counting down our Top 10 blog posts of 2013. Coming in at #6 is this IIEX presentation recap originally published in June. Robert Moran of the Brunswick Group presented at the Greenbook Insights Innovation Exchange in Philadelphia today. He argued that research needs to “solve for acceleration — the acceleration in the rate of […]

Wrangling with Risk Management for Competitive Strategy

Competitive Strategy for Dummies book cover

The following is an excerpt from Competitive Strategy for Dummies. Published under license from John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Certainty is when a set of circumstances or outcomes can be fully predicted or known. Uncertainty is when nothing is known or understood about a set of circumstances or outcomes. In between certainty and uncertainty is […]