Customer Insights – The Fertilizer You Need to Grow Strategic Accounts


On January 22nd Michael Good, Sean Clayton and Diane Skirvin of Walker Insights took time to speak about methods for increasing the size and scope of strategic accounts using customer insights. The intersection of strategic selling and customer-focused research is a trending topic that those involved in sales and customer research should pay close attention […]

The Art of the Quick Read

Open book in hands

GutCheck and Quirk’s teamed up to present their thinking on ways to enable teams to rapidly answer critical business questions. When typical research projects can take weeks to design and implement anything we can do to put the right data in the right hands sooner is a strategic victory. Matt Warter, CEO of GutCheck and […]

Aligning Your Marketing with Customer Desire

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The team at Marketing Experiments took on the concept of conversion in this month’s webinar. Their goal for the webinar was to present empirical evidence of the positive benefit derived from aligning our marketing message, and the display for that messaging, with the consumer’s wants and underlying motivations. Four questions were posed that when answered […]

Automating Research Reports via E-Tabs

Business person analyzing research reports displayed on the tablet screen

In a recent webinar, Gideon Halter gave us a detailed insight into methods for automating enterprise research reporting using the E-Tabs product. Automation is useful for certain scenarios – mainly those where the reports being created are identical or nearly so, as in multiple wave tracking studies or multi-market studies where the same survey is […]

Review of Salesforce: Throw Away Your Prospect Spreadsheets


This post might be a little outdated for some of you, but I know that there are many small marketing research agencies out there that are still maintaining their client and prospect lists in Excel.  I know because I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, and I’ve talked to some of you who are still living […]

CX Trends, 2015 Style

CX trends for 2015

In a recent webinar, MaritzCX took a stab at highlighting five key CX trends affecting the customer experience. The five forces changing the customer-experience world include: “It’s about me” “Desperately seeking human” “I knew you wanted that” “The clear blurred line” “TechnoUbiquity” The stage was set first by reviewing the two primary types of companies: […]

Luminoso Review: Elegant Visualization of Unstructured Text


This is a three-part series of reviews of MR tools you should be using but might not know about. Second is a review of Luminoso, an online solution that allows you to analyze the verbatim text of survey respondents. Challenge: As the era of Big Data evolves, we are seeing more tools to deal with […]

MarketSight Review: Survey Data Analysis Software at the Intersection of Usable and Flexible

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This is a three-part series of reviews of market-research tools you should be using but might not know about. First up is a review of MarketSight, survey data analysis software that allows you to create crosstabs, dashboards and perform statistical testing. Challenge: In a world where we need to let the data tell the story, we […]