Fundamentally Speaking: Back To The Basics in Marketing Research

ABC Blocks

In marketing research, we are frequently faced with getting answers faster and for less investment. In the current business climate, we have become all too familiar with the term“doing more with less.” During a recent NY / Philadelphia MRA conference, we heard repeatedly that it is not only the marketing research supplier facing these issues but also client […]

QR Codes Still Kicking

A few months ago, we talked about how QR codes were poised to change the market research industry. Or perhaps, how the time for QR codes had already come and gone. Well, whether they’re the revolutionary technology that so many have claimed them to be or not, they’re definitely still alive and kicking! A new […]

ResearchBase: Health Risks of Cell Phones

Talking on cell phone

You may have heard about the recent news concerning cell phone use and the possible associated health risks – namely, an increased risk of cancer. This is according to a recent announcement from the World Health Organization, which now categorizes cell phones in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. A team […]

Release of the GreenBook Industry Trends Report

Great News: the Spring 2011 GreenBook Industry Trends Report (GRIT) has been released. You can view a digital magazine version or download a PDF of either the Executive Summary or the Full Report via the links below. You can also register to be a respondent in the next wave of the study and to receive […]

ResearchBase: NFL Lockout Perception Study


Anyone who follows sports, even a little bit, is probably aware of the looming battle between the National Football League and its players union. (For those who need to catch up, you can find a great primer and some Q&A courtesy of the Washington Post.) As part of our ongoing launch of ResearchBase, our partners […]

Do Mobile Respondents Differ from Online Survey Respondents?

A new study from market research firm Opinionology looks into behavioral differences in mobile respondents versus those responding via traditional online surveys. The study, entitled “Do Mobile Respondents Differ from Online Survey Respondents?” [PDF], just begins to scratch the surface in answering what is sure to be a frequent questions these days, but it did […]

ResearchBase: A New Platform for Sharing Research

From its inception, the mission of Research Access has been to break down the walls of the market research industry; to help practitioners and consumers alike better understand market research practices, and to create transparency in how data is collected and analyzed, as well as what it reveals. Today, we take the next step in […]