Survey Length vs. Data Quality

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What does survey length have to do with data quality? This is a question being asked more frequently in market research circles. It is certainly a topic I have devoted much time to, for the simple reason that lengthy and complex surveys make it more difficult for all researchers to collect valid and reliable data. […]

The Man Who Predicted the Internet and Today’s Media Landscape


It is a rare occurrence when an academic reaches widespread fame beyond their specialties, such as in the case of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, or Joseph Campbell. It is almost unheard of for such a figure to be essentially prophetic when it comes to cultural and market shifts in society. That individual would be […]

An Inconvenient Truth about Convenience Samples

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A convenience sample is simply any list, panel, or source of potential respondents. At Researchscape, we do lots of surveys of convenience samples. Because, of course, they’re convenient. Also, cheap. We use house lists of emails of prospects, customers, and lapsed customers – no cost for these, with the caveat they present a skewed view […]

Non-Traditional Paid Respondents More Tech-Savvy than Panelists

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On March 5, 2015, Survey Magazine presented the TrueSample semi-annual quality council meeting. The speakers were Chuck Miller and Mark Menig, reviewing findings from several research-on-research initiatives. The quality council is now in its seventh year. Traditional sampling versus non-traditional sampling was the first topic of the day. The goal here was to assess differences […]

NYT Sparks Controversy with Embrace of Non-Probability Surveys

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If you’ve ever tried to pitch a non-probability PR survey to The New York Times, they’ve said no, saying that it is not representative. (Pro tip: Pitch op-ed columnists and bloggers, as Google Consumer Surveys did successfully with Paul Krugman.) Given this, many of us were excited to see the recent announcement that the reporters of […]

Panel Management Software Requirements

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As your organization conducts more and more online surveys, eventually it runs into issues coordinating survey requests across the range of potential respondents. One solution is panel management software, to centrally manage your respondents and those who have access to them via surveys. But before you can begin to evaluate the dozens of great suppliers […]

Online Sample Quality – Pure Oxymoron

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I attended a CASRO conference in New Orleans back in late ’08 or early ’09. The topic was ‘Online Panel Quality.’ I’ve often thought about that conference: the speakers, the various sessions I attended. I recall the session about satisficing, which at the time was being newly introduced into the MR space (the word itself […]

Blending Social Media with Online Panel Research

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What was once two separate streams are now becoming a single river of information, according to Daren Bosik of Questback, in a Quirks webinar presented Tuesday. Marketers are paying increasing attention to what is being said about their brands in social media. Marketers no longer fully own the conversations taking place around their brands: social […]