What’s Your Favorite Olympic Sport?


I have to admit it. Here at Research Access we’re getting caught up in Olympic Fever. I hope some of my research friends in the UK and across Europe are able to go see some of the Games in person. I love the pageantry of the Opening Ceremonies, and I love learning about people from […]

Which of These Research Techniques Have You Tried?

MicroPoll 150

At Research Access we talk a lot about innovative and new market research techniques. It’s fun to discuss the new and exciting stuff, but I was wondering how many of you have actually tried some of these data collection or analysis techniques in your day-to-day life as a researcher. So for a fun Friday question […]

President Obama Endorses Gay Marriage; What Say You, Researchers?

President Barack Obama

President Obama today announced his support for the right of same-sex couples to marry. This is a watershed moment in the United States, and arguably worldwide, on an issue that has been in many ways the premier civil rights question of this generation. Recent polling shows the U.S. population roughly evenly divided on the question. […]

Are QR Codes in Market Research a Fad?

Research Access QR Code

Andrew Reid of Vision Critical had an interesting perspective on QR codes during his talk at the Market Research in the Mobile World Conference in Amsterdam last week. He mentioned that he has a QR code on his business card, but he’s not sure whether to think it’s cool or be a little embarrassed. Reid […]

Top Weekend Activities for Market Researchers are Relaxing, Reading and Spending Time With Family

Relaxing, Reading, Spending Time with Family

No one has ever accused market researchers of being wild and crazy types of people.  A MicroPoll I launched on Friday confirms that suspicion. We have had good participation so far, with 130 people having cast votes in this simple, fun multi-select poll. I asked researchers a simple question: “What will you be doing this […]

What Do Researchers Do on the Weekend?

Calendar Weekend

This is a holiday weekend for many in the U.S. and other places, with both Easter and Passover coming up.  Regardless of whether you celebrate either of these holidays, I hope you have a great weekend. Since we are a research blog, I thought it would be fun to put up a MicroPoll so see […]

Market Research is Beating Marketing Research

Market Research or Marketing Research

In a recent post I posed a question: “Which term do you prefer: market research or marketing research?” In it I gave readers a chance to vote on which term they prefer, or to choose “no preference.” As of this writing, with 27 votes, “market research” is beating “marketing research” 56% to 30%, with 15% […]

Market Research or Marketing Research?


I recently heard someone express frustration at the widespread use of the term “market research” instead of “marketing research.” It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this opinion, but it has been a while. The argument goes something like this: we are researching marketing initiatives. Therefore what we do is “marketing research.” Markets are for […]