How Language Proficiency Can Impact Survey Response

Just when it started to feel as if it was going to be a boring summer, Annie Pettit of Peanut Labs stepped up to the microphone at this year’s MRA Insights and Strategy Conference and stole the show. Okay, so it might not have been that dramatic, but Dr. Pettit did share some fascinating insights […]

CX Leaders – What’s Your Story?


Customer experience leaders are often called upon to do presentations. But what they deliver should be a story. What’s the difference? PRESENTATION: What comes to mind when you are asked to deliver a presentation about the experience of our customers? I tend to think about preparing an outline, developing data, coming up with my content, […]

The Future of Insights: Translating Trends into Reality

analyzing investment charts with laptop. Accounting

The market research industry landscape has dramatically changed, and will continue to evolve in the coming years. We get that – no turning back – so how do you integrate the new tools, skill sets and data streams into our everyday business processes? Where do we prioritize and focus our resources to drive action and […]

Avoid Using Tomorrow’s Research to Justify Yesterday’s Bad Decisions

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The following is an excerpt from the whitepaper 3 Pitfalls of the New Product Development Process by Yui Nagashima. We know that, too often, companies move forward with new products based on a hunch. They have an idea, see value in it, and decide to progress with the development of a product without thoroughly exploring the market for […]

5 Lessons Your Brand Can Learn from Uber

Since its launch in 2009, Uber, a transportation network company operating in more than 200 cities worldwide, has challenged the traditional taxi service model. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through its apps, Uber is making cities more accessible – and turning a lot of heads. Did you know that Uber has a market capitalization […]

Beware, Predictive Analytics Can Make You Look Like an Idiot

offensive playbook

If you apply predictive analytics to help make important decisions in your organization, I can guarantee that many people will think the predictions are wrong. In their mind, you (or your model) will be an idiot. So, who would want to use predictive analytics?!? The people who are focused on the big, long-term wins and […]

The 5-Second Pause

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I recently read an article on LinkedIn that recommends interviewers pause for 5 seconds after an interviewee answers a question. This allows the interviewee additional time to elaborate on a response and perhaps show a bit of themselves that they might not have normally let through, had the interviewer proceeded too quickly. The article argues […]

Learning from the Greats


Business mythology is largely a series of prevarications designed to elevate individual genius over systemic factors in success.  The idea is that a person of singular genius and vision creates and the rest of us do his bidding (“his” because most myths are about men.) Yet the reality is that those of us with even […]

Engagement at the Point of Influence

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As marketers, our greatest aspiration is to understand consumers; subsequently, we aim to create ways for them to engage with brands while shopping — ultimately, during product usage. When consumers have a positive experience with a brand, they are more likely to become loyal consumers who make repeat purchases and share the brand with their […]

Customer Insights – The Fertilizer You Need to Grow Strategic Accounts


On January 22nd Michael Good, Sean Clayton and Diane Skirvin of Walker Insights took time to speak about methods for increasing the size and scope of strategic accounts using customer insights. The intersection of strategic selling and customer-focused research is a trending topic that those involved in sales and customer research should pay close attention […]