2015 Market Research Conferences


Here are some of the 2015 market research conferences on our radar. January 27 Net Gain Conference 2015 MRIA Toronto January 29 Kids and Youth Research MRS London February 3 Media Insights & Engagement Conference IIR San Diego February 4 Qualitative 360 – Europe Merlien Brussels February 5 Creativity Labs – The Performance Lab MRS […]

The Market Research Event 2012 – Why Marketing Conferences Matter

Why Marketing Conferences Matter

While attending The Market Research Event in November, I heard several talks that inspired me to look at the bigger picture of what research and marketing could be. What a great conference it was, truly an event to remember. I thought I would end this short series of TMRE posts by sharing some thoughts on why conferences […]

Know Where You Stand: Conduct Your Own Retail Audit

barcode sticker

I never thought I’d be excited by something involving the word “audit.” We all know that a tax audit is a legendarily painful experience. The word “audit” conjures up the idea of tedium, and auditors have the image of being, well, boring people. However, if you are involved in the world of retail, the decision to […]

The Market Research Event 2012 – Coping with Turbulence

The Market Research Event 2012 - Coping with Turbulence

As I walked the exhibition hall packed with crafty booth designs, new age tchotchkes, and bright faces at this year’s The Market Research Event conference, I was filled with mixed emotions.  I was…. Excited and Overwhelmed Energized and Exhausted Inspired and Bland Why these mixed emotions? Rapid, immense, and scaling change! I was glad I […]

Join IdeaScale at Crowdopolis


Crowdsourcing has been an official dictionary word since 2011 and an effective network intelligence concept for far longer than that. But the proliferation of new and different tools, capabilities, and opportunities keeps offering as many questions as answers. The Daily Crowdsource has created its own resource in response to this reality: Crowdopolis. IdeaScale will be […]

Big Data and Market Research

Big Data

Survey Analytics President and Research Access contributor Andrew Jeavons gave a talk about Big Data and Market Research on Tuesday, November 6th to the  Northwest Chapter of the Marketing Research Association. Courtesy of Andrew and the Northwest MRA, here is a video of his presentation and the associated slides. Enjoy!

Look in the Mirror but Not at Your Reflection

Broken Mirror

I have been to many of the traditional market research conferences over the years. I’m talking about the events put on by IIR, MRA, CASRO and the like. As anyone who has attended more than a few of this group of conferences knows, there is a cast of “usual suspects” that seems to be at […]

An Interview with Shannon Ryan, General Manager, Online Marketing Summit


Next week I’ll be covering the Online Marketing Summit in Santa Clara for Research Access. Here is an interview I conducted with Shannon Ryan, General Manager of the OMS. Shannon has had an impressive career in marketing prior to leading OMS. She has held senior leadership roles in marketing on both the agency and brand side, […]

Live RomiCast: An Interview with Tim McKinnon of Ektron

Tim McKinnon

Today at 1pm Eastern there will be a special live episode of RomiCast with Romi Mahajan. Romi will interview Tim McKinnon, President of Ektron, Inc. Digital technologies have changed the face of marketing and research over the last decade. As companies move from traditional selling to digital experience provision, the marketing and research professions have had […]

Play with Data

Hand Using Digital Tablet

You use your fingers to play around with just about everything on your smartphone and tablet.  A touch-screen mobile device makes it easy to fiddle with anything – from games to social media to music and more. That way you can get it just the way you like it. Why shouldn’t you demand as much […]