The Quant Guy Says to the Qual Guy…

Sicilian puppet

Last month, Quirk’s and 20|20 partnered to present research on new integration strategies for quantitative and qualitative methods. The Olde World of qualitative research – heavily dependent on face-to-face interaction and its inherent cost, is giving up ground to digital qualitative approaches according to Isaac Rogers, Chief Innovation Officer with 20|20. Traditional methods of obtaining […]

Kony 2012: Respect the Power of the Crowd


If you’ve been paying attention over the past few days, I’ll bet you’ve heard about the YouTube video “Kony 2012.”  If you have a teenager, I’d say the odds are 99% or higher that you know about it. The video, which has gone viral in a big way this week, is on one level a […]

Game Over. Let the Tablet Surveys Begin.


There’s some stunning new data on tablet computer and e-reader adoption in the U.S. from our friends at the Pew Internet & American Life Project. According to the center’s director, Lee Rainie, “the share of adults in the United States who own tablet computers nearly doubled from 10% to 19% between mid-December and early January”.  E-reader […]

Focus Groups are Dead: An Interview with Mike Volpe, HubSpot CMO

Mike Volpe

Editor’s Note:  I recently attended the Social Media FTW (For the Win) conference where HubSpot‘s Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Volpe was a keynote speaker.  During his talk, Mike contrasted the analytics HubSpot gives marketers with traditional feedback, using focus groups as an example.  I caught up with Mike afterward to get his further perspectives on market […]

Gaining Clarity in Digital Marketing

I just participated in a three day conference on Digital marketing which was attended by several digital agencies and thought leaders with good vantage points into this emerging space. Interestingly, at the end of three days it became very clear that things are not very clear. Multiple definitions exist concerning what digital marketing is, who […]