Reducing Cognitive Stress on Survey Respondents

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Data quality is directly proportional to comprehension and usability Challenge When it comes to survey and attitudinal behavior research, representative sampling and random probability sampling theory is often discussed; however, a simpler quality factor has long been overlooked: The ‘cognitive stress’ the surveys place on respondents. Cognitive stress measures the internal apprehension and anxiety humans […]

Use the COSTAR Model to Polish Ideas Into Innovations

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On October 21, 2014, we were treated to rare insight into the thought process of Silicon Valley innovators. The old adage that all the good ideas have been taken just isn’t true. Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO of IdeaScale; Herman Gyr, author and consultant; and Pat Younge, formerly of the Travel Channel and BBC, each provided solid […]

How Can We Harness Entrepreneurial Innovation?

Lightbulbs of Thomas Edison and infringers

Every company wants to have the next great product or service. Some of the most disruptive ones lately have come out of the sharing economy—think Uber or Airbnb. The vast majority of these ideas have come from independent individuals who build companies around an idea rather than ideas within the framework of a company. In […]

BLS Uses Meta-Feedback to Hone Its Surveys

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Think about the last time you wanted to look up a statistic, apply for a new passport, or had a tax question. The federal government provides vital services to the citizens via the Internet, and with the use of a website your questions can be answered in a matter of seconds. Naturally, the usability of […]

Crowdsourcing Innovation from an Employee Online Community

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In the fall of 2012, BAYADA Chief Operating Officer Linda Siessel challenged the organization to find a solution for identifying and gathering the innovative thinking that was taking place in the 260 BAYADA service offices around the country. BAYADA Home Health Care is a trusted leader in home health care—providing home health care services to […]

IdeaScale Acquiring Ideavibes for Canadian Presence

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IdeaScale, a widely used open innovation software provider, today announced its intended acquisition of Ideavibes, a Canadian crowdsourcing platform. The mission of Ideavibes has been to offer accessible crowdsourcing organizations, brands, and cities in order to foster innovation. Ideavibes has served corporate and government clients such as TELUS, Canada Council for the Arts, the City […]

Crowdsourcing Throughout the Research Process

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While crowdsourcing has been used in market research for years now, it is often compartmentalized as an input method – an open way of gathering ideas from customers, prospects, and employees. In fact, crowdsourcing can – and often should – be used throughout the research process, as case studies from AllOurIdeas, InSites Consulting, AOL, and […]

Crowdsourcing vs. Surveys: Insight Beyond Forms and Votes

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The relatively new data collection model of crowdsourcing is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern marketing strategy. Those familiar with survey methodology are most likely wondering when to utilize crowdsourcing vs. surveys, and how to interpret the resulting data. And although they have much in common (for example, both data collection systems can be set up […]