FocusVision + Revelation: A New Day for Qualitative Research

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On May 30, 2014, Revelation, the web and mobile qual research applications company I founded in 2007, became part of FocusVision, the global standard in video streaming of focus groups and in person interviews.  While this merger is obviously a very significant and positive event for our two companies, I believe it also is a […]

5 Reasons Mobile Qual Should Be On Your Menu

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Mobile qual enables you to gather consumer experiences at the moment they happen – overcoming many of the roadblocks typical of traditional research methods. Find out 5 reasons why mobile qual should be on your research menu in 2014. It’s the Stories – At the heart of every business challenge are customer stories that hold […]

What Do You Need Ground Truth For?

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We asked some of our favorite bloggers to provide us a “lost gem” – a great article that deserved wider response than it received the first time it was published. This piece by Steve August was originally published May 7. Unless you are living under a rock, the buzz around Big Data and analytics has […]

Digital Qual Activities that Explore ‘Brand’ as a Relationship

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Prophet’s David Aaker, who has dedicated his career to understanding the phenomenon of brands, stated, “Brand is typically the most important driver of customer purchase in both B2C and B2B.” Going with Aaker’s argument, it follows that the first step at assessing brand as a driver of purchase is to come to an agreement on what […]