Survey Rewards: Best Practices

Survey Best Practices

In the quickly evolving world of survey rewards, staying on top of changes can be challenging. Here are six tips to optimize your rewards budget and maximize your response rate: Digital makes a difference – Comfort with digital rewards is at an all-time high. People routinely receive e-gift cards from loyalty programs, wellness challenges and survey […]

Is That Rating Scale Just Cute Or Actually Effective?

rating scale video

As the Marketing Manager for an online survey software company, I see a lot of surveys: our own research projects, competitor surveys, our customers’ surveys, surveys from businesses I buy from, and more. In fact, when it comes to online research my ‘reticular activator’ is in overdrive and I can’t help but notice myriad opportunities […]

“The 2014 State of eCommerce Marketing” Report

shopping cart

In QuestionPro’s monthly Google+ Hangout on Air online event series, I recently interviewed Sam Mallikarjunan, Head of eCommerce Marketing for HubSpot. The topic of course was eCommerce marketing. HubSpot conducted a survey on the ‘State of eCommerce Marketing’ and is releasing a report on the findings. The results were debuted on our Hangout. Some of […]

Customer Feedback: Your Fast Path to Profits

customer feedback compass

On December 18th, QuestionPro sponsored its inaugural Google+ Hangout on Air, entitled: “Customer Feedback: Your Fast Path to Profits!” QuestionPro CEO Erik Koto was joined by industry experts Marsha Collier, Rieva Lesonsky, Roy Atkinson, TJ McCue, and the event was hosted by DIY Marketers’ Ivana Taylor. A lively discussion ensued and it quickly became very clear […]

Intro to Psych, Customer-Feedback Style

Asch Conformity Experiments

One morning during high school, 4 fellow students and I arrived late to our Intro to Psych class. Part-way through the lesson, the teacher drew 3 vertical lines on the board labeled A, B & C. He proceeded to ask each student a simple question: “Which line is longer?” Clearly it was B. To my […]