Minimizing B2B Buyer Fears

Caveat emptor

We’ve been busy looking at the hot topics in marketing to see where new marketing approaches can have the greatest impact.

The answer: Minimizing B2B buyer fears.

There’s been a lot of talk about the similarities between B2B and B2C buyers –especially since we’re all B2C buyers outside work. Even though it would certainly make everyone’s life easier, it’s just not true.

A few months ago, SAP released B2B buyer research which identifies the top fears that B2B buyers have about getting purchase decisions wrong:

  1. Wasting company money
  2. Wasting my time
  3. Losing credibility internally
  4. Losing confidence in future purchase decisions
  5. Losing my job

All of these relate to the roles B2B buyers have in the organizations they work for, not to their roles as consumers.

Buyer-Cycle Marketing shares the buyer’s goal to make the best possible purchase, and backs it up by offering assistance mapped to each purchase milestone in the process:

  • Entering the Buyer Cycle
  • Researching and getting up to speed
  • Defining what’s needed
  • Evaluating options
  • Making a selection
  • Completing the purchase

Each offer helps guard against bad purchase decisions, while assisting buyers in making purchase decisions that are sound and well-informed.

Prugh Roeser is President of The Devereux Group.


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