The Future of Insights: Translating Trends into Reality

analyzing investment charts with laptop. AccountingThe market research industry landscape has dramatically changed, and will continue to evolve in the coming years. We get that – no turning back – so how do you integrate the new tools, skill sets and data streams into our everyday business processes? Where do we prioritize and focus our resources to drive action and change within our organizations?

Whether you are on the client side or part of the supply chain, we need to be challenging the status quo.  If you aren’t, somebody in your organization will.  What can we learn from the trailblazers – what’s working and what’s not?

Translating trends into reality is a difficult task.  It requires taking the trends we’re hearing about – visual storytelling, big data, gamification, text analytics, etc. – and applying them to our businesses in a manner that resonates.  How do we do this in an effective way that will enable us to translate data and insights into intelligence?

We’ve broken it down into two categories: Socialization of Insights and Techanalytics. 

Socialization of insights will be what drives strategic conversations and positive change within organizations.  And Techanalytics will pave the way to get there. 

In today’s world we can go beyond basic charts, graphs, and stating the obvious to get to the ‘big reveal.’  We need to leverage infographics, dashboards and visual storytelling to convey insights in new and compelling ways. Organizations that are socializing learnings with deliverables that resonate are meeting the needs of the brand, marketing and sales teams.

But before we can socialize these game changing learnings, we need to make sure the insights have substance.  Next generation research methodologies are revolutionizing our industry.  Strong analytic capabilities and technology prowess is how we will remain relevant and stay competitive.  We are seeing a new terrain of techanalytics and at forefront are Text Analytics, Gamification and Target Impact Analysis. 

No doubt the road is different. We are getting a clearer idea of the tools we’re going to need, but must reassess the skills involved to get there.  To navigate this new territory successfully, today’s “insight driver” required a new set of skills.  The new and improved insights professional has an evolved set of research skills involving storytelling, creativity, consulting and influence skills.  It’s not just about the data anymore.  It’s about the story behind the data and about supplier partners acting like real stakeholders in the business.

So what does this all mean in the end?  It’s simple, it’s time to take advantage of the evolved terrain and seek opportunities for growth.  Start by asking yourself the following questions:

Is your organization shelving your research reports or are you effectively socializing learnings to key stakeholders?

Are you integrating techanalytics into your strategic initiatives?

Do you have the resources and skills in place to utilize the new tools and technology to keep you ahead of the curve?

Are you prioritizing resources and setting goals for your insights team?

If you hesitated on answering any of these questions, now is the time to ask the experts and seek out advice from your suppliers on how to get it done.

In this eBook you will learn how we here at CMI are translating trends into practical applications, enabling you to pave the way for success in this new landscape.  You will also get a snapshot of the evolving skill set needed for the future ‘insights professional.’

Kinjal Shah is a Marketing Manager with CMI Marketing Research.


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