Yearly Mosts: Implicit vs. Explicit; Gold Top 50; Mobile, Mobile

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2014 Most Read

Here are our most-read Research Access articles in 2014:

  1. Implicit vs. Explicit Techniques in Market Research by Aaron Reid
  2. Revenue Growth of the Top 50 U.S. Market Research Firms
  3. The Potential of iBeacon for Mobile Research
  4. The Selfie & The Rise of Mobile Ethnography
  5. Survey Data As A Key Ingredient
  6. 6 Ways Market Researchers Can Use Social Media Analytics by Greg Timpany
  7. Debunking 7 Popular Marketing Research Myths by Chris Holt
  8. Why Telephone Research Is So Important by Margaret Roller
  9. The Challenges of Mobile Market Research by Ray Poynter
  10. Surveys a Century From Now
  11. General Mills Market Research Goes Mobile and Beyond by Julie Kurd
  12. The N in Text Analytics: Text Mining with Different Sample Sizes

December Most Read

Here are our most-read Research Access articles in December:

  1. Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2015 by Robert Passikoff
  2. The Positive Effect of Negativity: The Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad by Michalis Michael
  3. Triple-S Provides a Survey Interchange Standard
  4. Marketing Strategy Success Comes from Knowing Your Customers by Mike Hardman
  5. Growing the Market Research Function Using Behavioral Economics
  6. E-tabs Graphique Review: Autopopulate Charts with Updated Data by Alisa Hamilton
  7. Strengths and Limitations of the Customer Effort Score by Aaron Turner
  8. The Advantages of Cell vs. Column Comparisons in Crosstabs by Tim Bock
  9. 7 Things to be Thankful for in the Market Research Industry
  10. Asking Questions When You Should Know the Answers by Matthew Champagne

#MRX Elsewhere

And some of my articles published for other sites:

  • The Revenge of the Focus Group – “The 15th edition of the GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, analyzing the first two quarters of 2014, has some excellent news for qualitative researchers. In a surprising finding, reported usage of traditional in-person focus groups jumped from 59% to 70% since the last survey, driven by growth across all geographies.”
  • Qualitative Research: Evolution or Revolution? – “In a wide-ranging discussion of the present and future of the MR industry, recently hosted by Survey Sampling International in Boston, Simon Chadwick of Cambiar discussed ‘MR: Evolution or Revolution?'”

Jeffrey Henning, PRC, is president of Researchscape International, which provides “Do It For You” custom surveys at Do It Yourself prices.  He is a Director at Large on the Marketing Research Association’s Board of Directors. You can follow him on Twitter @jhenning.


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