Crowdsourcing Innovation from an Employee Online Community

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In the fall of 2012, BAYADA Chief Operating Officer Linda Siessel challenged the organization to find a solution for identifying and gathering the innovative thinking that was taking place in the 260 BAYADA service offices around the country.

BAYADA Home Health Care is a trusted leader in home health care—providing home health care services to children and adults of all ages in the comfort of their own homes. Over the years, BAYADA has attracted other like-minded health care professionals who now comprise a team of more than 18,000 home health care professionals serving communities in 25 states from 260 offices.

In response to Linda’s challenge, BAYADA used IdeaScale to develop a general innovation community initiative, BrightIdeas, for a pilot group of approximately 300 employees. BrightIdeas was promoted through email communications, specially designed light bulb-shaped announcement handouts, and a branded desktop wallpaper for the site. Engagement was mostly generated through organic word-of-mouth promotion.

BAYADA also took steps to customize the employee online community site and organize their process for reviewing ideas. Their branded site was organized into campaigns that offered ideas and solutions for their respective business units (specialty practices), as well as customized idea statuses that reflected the BAYADA culture.

The pilot program was a success and reported the following results:

  • Engaged over 400 users that shared more than110 ideas, 730 comments, and 2000 votes.
  • Resulted in 100% participation without the use of an incentive campaign.
  • Introduced a Pin it program to acknowledge employee contributions program-wide.
  • Produced companywide changes which include: new social media guidelines, employee classes, automated employee notification systems, open house program, and much more.

Linda shared her view about the great minds that are present at BAYADA, “We want to create a climate that encourages all staff to share their ideas for improving our work, performance and results. One person’s idea can generate another idea and another – leading to winning moves for many. We want to support and inspire innovative thinkers who are key to uncovering what’s new, what’s better, and what’s next on our journey to help millions of people worldwide!”

The IdeaScale platform will assist BAYADA with further iterations of the BrightIdeas initiative as they continue to uncover innovative ideas to help them accomplish their mission to make it possible for millions of people worldwide to experience a better way of life in the comfort of their own homes.

Jessica Day is a marketing and technology writer and editor for IdeaScale (, a leading innovation software solution for idea management. She received her Masters in Writing from the University of Washington. Day also blogs about crowd-based innovation and idea management solutions at

Editor’s Note: For details about BAYADA’s three-phase innovation process for reviewing employee suggestions, download the full BAYADA case study. While IdeaScale is a Research Access advertiser, this is not a sponsored post: we feature compelling case studies from across the industry and welcome submissions.

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