Profiling with Surveys and Mobile Behavioral Data

mobile usage around the clock

Clutter is a fact of life in the advertising world. This is as true for mobile ads as it is for print, television and radio. How to cut through the clutter and reach potential buyers is one of those questions that all marketers seek to answer. Maria Domoslawska, VP of Global Strategy for Research Now, presented a case study covering the application of enhanced personas for mobile advertising to the women’s personal care market – a market as cluttered as any you will find!

Research Now, and their partner the Flurry Network, teamed up to provide marketers a method for targeting that includes both mobile behavioral data and survey screening questions to create “enhanced” personas. The chart below highlights the process:

ResearchNow mobile behavioral data for enhanced personas

When we consider the available mobile behavioral data, four variables stand out in importance: the content being consumed, the type of mobile device, the usage location and situation, as well as the time of day. These variables are collected via the advertising networks that distribute the ads. Combined they provide a strong behavioral measurement.

Behavioral measures can be effective for prediction, but they lack the ability to measure the attitudes and intentions behind the behavior. This is where a survey component comes in. The case study Ms. Domoslawska referred to combined a mix of usage and psychographic questions with the mobile data. The enhanced persona provided a rich environment for testing.

The goal of the test was to measure lift in brand awareness, message recall and relevancy between a test group (females 18 to 49 years old with no ad exposure) and two test groups with the same demographics plus select psychographic questions. The end result was a significant increase for the enhanced personas in measures across the brand funnel, including those measuring ad message recall and relevancy.

The test revealed that with improved targeting you can achieve brand-related goals for this category. It also opened the door for testing this targeting method (mobile behaviors plus survey enhancements) across other product and service categories. Other testing plans could focus on varying the ad format as well as optimizing the message for varying target segments.

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