4 Ways To Use On-Demand Qualitative Research

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As a marketing executive or brand manager you’re faced with decisions all day long that might affect the short- or long-term survival of your product or brand. Wouldn’t it be great to have on-demand qualitative research at your fingertips to help make those decisions?

Here’s 4 ways you might use on-demand qualitative research to improve your company’s success in the marketplace.

1 – Directional Feedback For A New Concept

You find yourself in an important meeting where a new concept was discussed, or maybe it was a shift in messaging regarding your product.

You know that, to stay ahead of things, you’re going to need to know more about how your target audience will react. Someone suggests they will just ask some colleagues or their neighbors what they think, but you wonder if  friends and associates might give you a biased view. Wouldn’t be better if you could interview your target audience instead? What if your researcher could reach our target audience in hours ? Now you can execute the research and share results in days.

It’s just this sort of on-demand qualitative research–involving agile market research with a self-service feel–that can make or break you here.

2 – Conduct IDIs To Understand Survey Results

After completing a broad quantitative survey project, you got results you didn’t expect – and can’t understand. One segment is not in favor of the concept, but why? What you need to do is conduct follow-up interviews–in a matter of hours–that are in-depth enough to answer why this particular segment thinks like they do.

Self-service, on-demand online qualitative research helps you here, bringing high-quality results from In-Depth Interviews to bear with minimal delay.

3 – Describe An Unmet Need In An MROC

Maybe you’re the online manager for a Market Research Online Community, where an unmet need has surfaced in a thread. Before trying to address this need, and perhaps going off in the wrong direction or with the wrong level of intensity, you want to know more about it. Best would be if you could have a deeper dicussion and share videos of community members discussing this unmet need with the community sponsor.

On-demand qualitative research is the answer here, too. With self-service agile market research, combined with online qualitative research, you can get to the bottom of the community’s concern, and identify its key aspects so that you can best address it.

4 – Make a Proposal Stand Out

Let’s say you’re working up a proposal for a client, demonstrating the reasons why their organization needs to conduct market research. At the same time you’re trying to demonstrate your expertise in the area. Ideally you want to make your proposal really shine.

On-demand qualitative research can come to the rescue again. Online qualitative research, matched with agile market research, can provide you with the visual aides you need to make your proposal stand out–while helping you make the clear case of the importance of market research in this case. How?

By running a number of different analyses and sharing the video in your proposal with likely results, all quickly and professionally.


On-demand qualitative research gives you the ability to recruit participants for your market research quickly and carefully. Agile market research, supported by online qualitative research, makes capturing your target group of customers on video easy and affordable, with keyword searchable transcripts that allow for creating useful video clips for sharing and presentations.

On-demand surveys have been available as an option for you to use for quantitative research for some time, but now you have a similar option for qualitative research.

Jim Longo, PRC (@LongoMR) is a co-founder of Discuss.io, an on-demand qualitative market research company.


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