Feedback: Tragedy, Farce, Sunlight

Episode 7 of RomiCast with Romi Mahajan is “The Feedback Episode.” We have two outstanding guests, Rob Hoehn, President of IdeaScale and Erik Koto, President of QuestionPro. Rob’s and Erik’s companies live at different points in the feedback chain.

Romi, Erik and Rob dig deep on the definition and nature of feedback. They talk about how it has changed over time, how companies are taking advantage of it, and elucidate some of the problems companies face in taking advantage of it. They discuss everything from the outdated nature of comment cards, the data deluge, and being the person to tell someone they have lettuce stuck in their teeth.

Sink your teeth into this lively discussion of the nature of contemporary feedback.

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About Romi Mahajan

Romi Mahajan is a globally-renowned marketer, IT and strategy thinker, and author.

His career is a storied one, including spending 9 years at Microsoft, being the first CMO of Ascentium, a leading digital agency, and founding the KKM Group, a boutique advisory firm focused on strategy and marketing. Romi has also authored two books on marketing: most recently, "To Thine Own Self: Honesty in Marketing".

A prolific writer and speaker, Mahajan lives in Bellevue, WA, with his wife and two kids.


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