The Gamification of Education

Editor’s Note: As summer winds down, Research Access will be getting you ready to go “back to school” with two weeks of posts on the topic of education. Between August 20 and 31 we will be doing a series of posts that will have you ready to put on those new clothes, pack your lunch box and shine up that apple for the teacher.

There’s a lot of talk about gamification in the context of research. But lest we forget, gamification is a concept that applies across many, many industries. We want to take the opportunity of our “back to school” series to point out that gamification is a big deal in education.

The folks over at Knewton, a learning software company, created this cool infographic about gamification of education.

Perhaps we researchers should consider more than just gamified surveys, but also gamification in the way we teach about research. Just a thought…

Gamification of Education

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

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