Missed the Discrete Choice Conjoint Webinar? Never Fear.

Discrete Choice Conjoint Steps

Today Survey Analytics held a very well-attended webinar entitled, “How to Run Discrete Choice Conjoint Analysis.”

Missed it? Never fear.

Click this link for a copy of the webinar video and slides.

The webinar recording will help you understand:

  • What discrete choice conjoint analysis is
  • The theory and logic behind discrete choice conjoint analysis
  • When to use discrete choice conjoint in your research
  • Specific case studies of how others have used discrete choice conjoint
  • How to design a discrete choice conjoint project
  • How to write a discrete choice conjoint questionnaire
  • How to analyze the results of a discrete choice conjoint project

The webinar featured Survey Analytics’ Enterprise Research Platform, with a newly enhanced discrete choice conjoint module, including such features as integrated d-optimal design generation, design import and upgraded part-worth calculations using maximum likelihood estimates.

Click this link for a copy of the webinar video and slides.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Survey Analytics blog.

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