Agile Market Research – Are Smartphones the Answer?

When online surveys gradually replaced paper surveys, we saved money, increased speed and increased the efficiency of research. Mobile research has the potential to take that profit, speed and efficiency to a new level: to a point where you get true agility in market research, and one where you can get actionable answers to your questions within minutes instead of hours. In addition, most smartphones today are equipped with a GPS and a camera (in some cases multiple). As a result, we have an opportunity to get creative about how we ask questions in a medium that can always be reached.

comScore recently reported that more than 70 million people in the United States own a smartphone and the smartphone market is experiencing double digit growth quarter over quarter. We all know that the smartphone market is exploding but you may not necessarily know how to take advantage of this emerging research channel.

At SurveySwipe, we recently launched a new product called Instant Connect – where you can submit your questions and received data back within one hour. You can get raw data (Excel, SPSS) along with an optional PowerPoint executive report, with same day turnaround. Our hope is that this kind of instant return lowers the barrier to entry for new participants in mobile data collection and mobile research. If you’d like to try Instant Connect, you can get more details┬áhere.


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