Free Webinar: Learn How to Conduct a Conjoint Analysis Study in 1 Hour

Our apologies for the short notice, but we wanted to be sure to draw your attention to a free webinar happening tomorrow, Thursday October 28, 2010 at 9am Pacific (noon Eastern), entitled, “Learn How to Conduct a Conjoint Analysis Study in 1 Hour.”

Research Access contributor Andrew Jeavons will be presenting. This is sure to be an informative and helpful session; we urge you to try to find the time to join in.

See the full session description below. Register here.



Learn How to Conduct a Conjoint Analysis Study in 1 Hour

Conjoint analysis is a popular marketing research technique that marketers use to determine what features a new product should have and how it should be priced. Conjoint analysis became popular because it was a far less expensive and more flexible way to address these issues than concept testing.

Contrary to popular belief the basics of conjoint analysis are not hard to understand. Give us one hour of your time and we can show you how to conduct a conjoint analysis project.

We’ll answer:

1) What is Conjoint Analysis and how does it work to calculate your respondents’ trade-off decisions?

2) How can you develop Conjoint Studies that provide actionable data for new products/services?

3) How can Conjoint Studies help you predict potential market share for new product concepts? Can you simulate this?

This webinar will answer these questions and more as well as provide a forum to discuss specific challenges.

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Joshua Hoffman is Technology Specialist at Microsoft and a frequent contributor to Research Access.

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